Friday, 21 November 2014

Sideburn 19 Launch Party

WHERE: Monday Mo Co, a new shop in Birmingham,  B4 9AA

This brand new shop is co-owned by a few people including Benny Boneshaker and people from the creative agency, I Love Dust. It sells Biltwell, Deus Ex Machina, Sideburn magazine and a bunch of other stuff including their own T-shirts.

WHEN: 1 - 6pm, Saturday 6 December. With motorcycle films being shown in the Mockingbird Theatre and Bar next door till 11pm.

WHAT: We don't do a release party for every issue, just when the opportunities arise and this one is perfect.
We wanted to do something with the Monday Mo Co in Birmingham and they had just announced Black Top, a film festival of bike movies.
Visit the new shop, pick up some stuff from Monday Mo Co or the Sideburn stall, check out a film, some music, some drinks...

Prizes for best bike and furthest travelled.

Hope to see you there.

Poster artwork: Jonathan Niclaus at I love Dust 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mule Racing

Mule doesn't just consistently build the world's best trackers and develop parts for you to fit to yours, he also races. And he's fast. Really fast.

I traded off the TT500 you rode at Perris and I’m racing the CRF450 I got in trade, plus I got my 125 bike. Here’s a couple shots on the CR125 (pictured in action). Also, the 450 (below) in work being set up. 
Cheers, Mule

Trash N Treasure

Sideburn's entertainments officer, Dave Skooter Farm, decides to sell off some of his extensive 'Pop Culture' collection, amassed over the last 40 years, sets up his own
retro market and invites 25 like-minded friends to join the TNT conga line!

Laidback, afternoon velvety sounds from SB house DJ Johnny Alpha and mid-tempo beat ballads and floaters from WIGAN YOUNG SOULS founder, Jordan Wilson. These guys were in the dance sequences in the new NORTHERN SOUL film.

Sun 23rd Nov, 10am until 4.30pm

The Old Courts, Crawford Street, Wigan. WN1 1NG

Mid-century curiosities;  women's vintage fashion; toys, records, furniture; films, men's fashion; retro computer games; 70's memorabilia, board games; hand crafted accessories...

Earn Brownie points and bring the missus on a fab, non-motorcycle-related day out?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Old Empire Typhoon

Teaser from the fellas at Old Empire Motorcycles

Out of this World

Amazing photo from Dom at Kriega

Got back from LA - Vegas trip a couple of weeks ago... nice riding, particularly liked the deep sand (dried out river beds) it's like being in a canoe down rapids. The picy is of a 'sink' hole caused by flash floods above.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Kids Shirts

This new kids shirt has just arrived (or 'dropped' as the cool crowd say).
Available in three age ranges and two colours, all printed on lovely soft, 100% guaranteed organic cotton.

The illustration is spewed forth, via an inky pen, from the twisted melon of Mr Maxwell Paternoster.

Blue or red.
Limited numbers of each.
Order soon to avoid heart-broken children and spousal disappointment, from the Sideburn shop.

NOTE: Sizing is supplied by manufacturer and on the smaller side, so please click the photos to see a size chart

Ornamental Conifer x Ken Block

I like Ken Block's YouTube sensational Gymkhanas. I watch them with my boy, but I wouldn't normally post them on the blog and wouldn't have done this new one if Mr Block wasn't wearing an Ornamental Conifer jacket!

Nico, Mr Ornamental Conifer, is now based in LA and concentrating more on art art than commercial art. So fewer jackets, fewer helmets, fewer petrol tanks, more framed work and objets d'art (painted bottles, slingshots)…

Read about the Royal Enfield Ornamental Conifer painted for us back in 2011 (after Sideburn was turned onto the then barely known painter by Death Spray Custom) in Sideburn 10.

The film is well worth your tea break. G

Monday, 17 November 2014

Kustom Kommune Street 750

Our soon to be newest dealer, Kustom Kommune in Melbourne, Australia, built this modified 750 Street after being given it by Harley-Davidson.

Yamaha superbike front forks look great. Front fairing is a nice twist on a number board, while the alloy bodywork is distracts from the front rad without pushing too many boundaries. The seat frames are totally new and converting the rear end for a traditional twin shock to dual shocks working in a cantilever position is clever, though I have no idea how wheel it would work.

Engine and exhaust headers are stock and prove it's not an ugly engine. Belt drive is retained.

Based just outside central Melbourne, Kustom Kommune offer a communal area and work bays where owners without their own garages, tools, per even experience, can use to repair and service their own bikes. There is also storage for bikes and spare parts.
Photos via silodrome

Sunday, 16 November 2014

TMD Bodywear

From our old mate, Peter G in Hungary.

I just got the info, that Anna, (who is a Hungarian designer, pro gastro journalist and website owner, hobby pole dancer and mad biker) created her newest product in the clothes manufacture, the biker bodywear for womens. From my side it's pretty good. And the opening picture also, of course. 

TMD Bodywear

Saturday, 15 November 2014


In case you haven't already seen it. This is from On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, but Skullcandy's edit (they're one of Robbie Maddison's sponsors).
He's dropping the equivalent of a 20-storey building.
Keep an eye out of the seamless tyre change.

Thanks to Dael for the tip-off. G