Monday, 27 April 2015

Sideburn 1 and 2 on UK eBay

This sale is nothing to do with us, but lots of people ask about them, so we're passing on the info. Go to UK eBay to bid.

Sideburn was launched in 2008. Issue 2 came out six months later.

Deus Bike Build Off

Next weekend sees the Deus Bike Build-Off take place (almost) simultaneously in the trailblazing company's five main locations: Sydney, Bali, Venice USA, Milan and Tokyo.

Sideburn's editor (me) has been chosen to be one of the five judges for the Milan event and I'll be there this weekend.

You can also get involved online, by voting for your favourite. More details to follow. G

Deus Bike Build Off Milano 2014 from Deus Italy on Vimeo.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Punk Snot Dead

From the current issue of Sideburn, as seen in the Ian 'Tiddler' Turner photo album, who knows what the rest of this famous '70s forecourt sticker says? (clue: 15 letters). BP

.... Well done 70s kids Fingersinpies, Hot Shoe and The Mouldie.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Gregory from Ohio got in touch a few months ago saying, and I'm paraphrasing, 'I've raced motocross, I've starting reading Sideburn and this dirt tracking looks fun, but when I've tried to speak to some dirt track race people in my area they've been very dismissive and I don't know where to start. Help.'

I remembered that regular blog contributor and sometime Sideburn magazine contributor, Roger F (whose great shots from Ohio races in the 1970s are in Sideburn 7) lives in Ohio. I introduced Greg and Roger via email, and...

Thanks again for putting me in touch with Roger, Looks like I'll be racing this weekend. Really appreciate your kindness. Looking forward to many more issues with my new subscription. I included a photo of my first flat track build (Yamaha 360).

The race is at Western Reserve in Salem, Ohio. Roger said he would also be there. Looking forward to the fun. Have a good race this weekend, let me know how you do! Will you be in the states for Dirt Quake USA? 

Sideburn - converting the world to flat track, one rider at a time. And yes, we'll be in Castle Rock for Dirt Quake USA. G

Friday, 24 April 2015

For Sale: 1972 Honda CL350 in LA

Thanks to Andrew for sending us this beauty. We don't know anything about the history, but it looks like something to buy to take over to Perris, out to Hell on Wheels and down to Del Mar...

$2600 or best offer

Go to Craig's List for more details. G

DTRA Magazine

The DTRA have worked with photographer Ian Roxburgh and journalist Ian Osborne the create a neat, free digital magazine you see here. 

Remember the first race is this weekend at Leicester. Spectators go free. G

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Action Man Gripping Hands

This morning, nearly a week after stepping off the saddle, my hands still feel like rubbery, lifeless, Action Man™ gripping hands, only good for loosely holding a plastic Sten gun. Ross RootBeerBobber, took his Madame Tussauds-style hands to the physio as he's only capable of a pathetic Vulcan salute, and was told there is no remedy.
Next time I'll add a hand grip exerciser to my pre-adventure exercise regime. BP

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sideburn Sunburn Good Times

Our first Sideburn endorsed moto trip was awesome. A game-changer. We couldn't have amassed a more fun group of 14 guys from 3 different countries. Thanks to John of Moto Aventures for shepherding us so professionally. From ponderous river crossings in the High Atlas, perilous rocky cliff faces, a flat out dash across a firing range and conquering the mighty 150 meter high Sahara dunes of Erg Chebbi, we did it all - often with comedy aplomb. A happily relentless challenge to man and machine - but mostly man, as the 450 KTM EXC excellently prepared/repaired by Hussein every evening, were so forgiving.
Spectacular scenery every which where. Everyone said they would absolutely do it all again - once their bruises and blisters have healed.
Thanks too to Su and Maryam, for pre-production and real-time lubrication, ensuring everything ran smoothly. BP
GI posted a few highlights shot by various riders, whilst I was away, on the Sideburn Instagram

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fuller Moto Dirty Duc

Neat Ducati Scrambler (the original one) built by Fuller Moto of Atlanta, Georgia.
Video and photo by

DTRA Round 1: This Sunday

The first round of the 2015 DTRA season is this Sunday, Leicester Speedway (head to Beaumont Leys, find the big Morrisons or use LE4 IDS, and follow your nose).

Spectators go free!

Huge Entry 
31 rookies; 24 Thunderbikes; 17 pros; 11 vintage, plus restricted (riders who are between rookie and pro), juniors and minibikes.

Here are some photos from the Scunthorpe practice eight days ago. G
My own Wood Rotax has had a refresh for 2015. New rings, new valve guides, secondhand Racefit Ti pipe. Death Spray paint! Same loose nut on the handlebars.
One of my favourite bikes in the series (except for its hideous front mudguard). Isaac's twin-cam Rotax with a liquid-cooled head. Can't remember which chassis it is, C&J I think. Imported from the US last year.
Tom, colour-coordinated. We have a handful of these Sideburn logo zip hoodies left.
John Boddy and the Triumph bitsa. Read more about this bike in Sideburn 18.
John's brother, James and his Ariel, first time out, few teething problems. I don't see it on the entry list for Leicester, but I look forward to seeing it again.
James and his XS650, straight into the Rookies.
Two of Survivor Customs crew chat with Geoff Co-Built. 32 is Murph, sitting; 35 is Mike Hill, checked shirt. Along with Ryan Quickfall they are all entering the Rookies on modified CCMs this year.
Mike did all the conversion work, making the exhausts, shortening swingers, twin shocking rear ends,  the whole shebang. Survivor Customs is based in Middlesbrough and looks like a good place to have a road bike converted into the Thunderbike. Mike is already well up to speed on his.
Mike Hill on his self-built Survivor Rotax. He had practiced at Redcar the day before, and came for another full day at Scunthorpe. Tank logo was handpainted by Ryan Quickfall. Behind is Ian Cramp on his own self-built CCM.
Happy Survivor crew heading back north.
See you at Leicester!