Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stag Halloween: This Friday

Sideburn's house band, The Stags, are resurrecting their Halloween bash for this year. In Wigan (where else).
It sounds like it's going to be a belter.
All Sideburn disciples and Dirt Quakers welcome!

Menze Kwint

We have commissioned Menze Kwint to illustrate a story for Sideburn 19, out in early December. 
Have a butcher's at his varied work to pass the time till then. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sideburn key fobs

A perfect Christmas present.

Hand-cut, stitched, debossed Sideburn logo on one side and Goodyear/Dunlop tread effect on the other. These are a great quality veg tanned leather which will age real nice and gnarly with use.
The leather measures approx 3" in length, 1" wide and 1/4" thick depending on which part of the hide its cut from. Solid brass, nickel-plated D ring. Comes supplied with a split ring to attach your keys.

Made in England.

£15 plus post from the Sideburn webshop.

Circle Rut

Best moto GIF ever? From Death Spray Custom. Shane Watts circle rut photo Shane-Watts_circle-rut_SIDEBURN_zps6ciu0ghu.gif And just in case you thought it was just natty Photoshop, check Shane Watts showing you how to DIY on his KTM. BP

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Salem Indoor Flat Track

This weekend.
Just $30 to race.
See See are putting their shoulder behind it. G

Just like Guy's...

Guy Martin wore his Sideburn wooly hat during his new series of Speed on UK national TV on Sunday night.

If you want one exactly the same, they're just £15 plus post from the Sideburn shop.

Remember, if you order anything from us in the month of October you'll be entered into a draw to win a Sideburn 18 signed by Guy. G

Monday, 27 October 2014

You Should Have Gone to Specsavers

Completely off-message, but lots of non-Brits won't have seen this genius advert for a chain of high street opticians that have made the phrase 'You should have gone to Specsavers' an often-repeated phrase in UK. G

Radical Ducati

Random web find. No info. Early 70s 750SS? The engine has been inclined forward - to lower the centre of gravity? And the lower casing has the side of it's 'chin' shaved flat for extra clearance in the corners. BP

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dead end

Another skull spotted in a church here in Rome, this one with full-on crossed femurs. It's in the portico of the 5th century church of Santa Cecilia in the restaurant-heavy Trastevere district. Eternity? Life's brevity? Or a warning not to have the shellfish on a Monday? MP

Saturday, 25 October 2014


We sometimes get 'foreigners' leaving blog post comments here, that they don't understand our peculiar use of the English language - or even getting thrown (confused) buy* just single words that have ambiguous meaning. Google Translate probably has a lot to answer for (is to blame for international miscommunication). Now I have a foreign wife and I'm teaching my young kids to read and write, I'm even more aware of the bizarre irregularities in the English language. The use/meaning of words changes with time and cultural/social climate too. When I was at school the word 'spunk' meant bravado - I can remember our Latin teacher using it. Today it means something else and Latin is no longer taught in schools (is there a connection there?).
Today's word in question is 'cocksure'. I'm not sure of its origin - male fighting chickens? My Collins Gem English Dictionary (printed in 2004) lists it as: '(adjective) overconfident, arrogant'. To me there has to me some male swagger in there - I wouldn't say overconfident, but definitely large balls (testicles) clanging - like Marco Melandri here.... BP *UPDATE:
Beste Adriaan,

I really didn't get your 'buy, bye, or by?' comment, and was too busy to scratch my head over it for any length of time. Now my editor has pointed out more specifically that it was a typo. Like my Dutch wife, you are evidently better at spelling English than me. BP