Monday, 12 October 2015

Hell's Race, Belgium

After competing at Dirt Quake III a trio of Belgians bought or built their own dirt trackers and entered the UK's DTRA series. Two or three of them were at every race but one (that clashed with their long-running chopper show back in their home country) and the end of season presentation.

Now they're organsing their own one-off event, the first ever flat track race in Belgium, we think.

It's called Hell's Race, it's at the Helzold Speedway track in Belgium (120 miles from Zeebrugge, 170 from Calais) and it happens June next year. Lots of camping near the track, practice Saturday, race Sunday.

This is not a Dirt Quake-type event, more like a DTRA race, but they have a class for complete novices, on street trackers, scrambler, whatever, and other classes very similar to those we run in the UK. Day licences will be available.

Sideburn will be there and we'll post up more details as we have them. G

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Squirrel Hoarder

Whilst building my BMW R100R I wondered why nuts kept appearing on shed floor, I also found starting difficult and when eventually running it was very choked, on removing airbox cover I realised the nutty problem of a squirrel having stashed his stolen bird food from a shed in Capel Curig. Talk about alternative fuels, eat your heart out Ethanol additives etc....
I bet the squirrel was really pissed off and is still hunting me down on a mission scouring Welsh mountain tops and forests like a Squirrel Rambo.
Capt Simon

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Harry's Vintage DTRA project

UK dirt track regular, Paul 'Harry' Harrison (#4R) is building this project for 2016. Here's what he says...

Thought I'd share the ongoing build for next seasons vintage class, CCR Cycles sponsored T140 750cc with bigger cams, flowed head and Mikuni carbs, Talon hubs, Borrani flanged rims, Golden tyres, de-raked frame etc. plus a major weight loss. more later. 
Regards, Paul.

The Seeds in sitcom land

As if The Seeds weren't weird enough, here they are appearing as The Warts in American sitcom, The Mothers-In-Law, in an episode first broadcast in April 1968. Sky Saxon in your living room? Pass the microdots. Such misplaced rampant psychedelia reminds me of the first time I tackled magic mushrooms, eating as I picked straight from the field. Thinking they'd had no effect, I went home for my tea with mum and dad. It was only when the newsreader's tie started strobing and the orange flowers on the wallpaper began streaming up and down in rows that I realised it was going to be a trying time around the table. I struggled to make any sense at all of chops and mash. MP

Friday, 9 October 2015

Sideburn's Poet vs Pikes Peak

Travis Newbold is our hero. And our poet. And he's racing in the support class at the US Superprestigio in Las Vegas, November 21.
Watch him race the Ronin to second overall at Pikes Peak (and crash while celebrating).

Read about Sideburn's in-person visit (by me, the editor) to Ronin HQ in Sideburn 19. While blogs all over the world trot out some vapid tosh (Brembo this, bhp that) without really checking the details, and many independent mags just print emails verbatim, we put the leg work and air miles in to do things properly (or as properly as a niche magazine with a decidedly un-mainstream cult following can). We don't bang our own drum very often, but if you've never bought Sideburn and are subconsciously judging it by the level of 'journalism' in some other motorcycle mags and blogs, then please don't. We're better. Miles better.
Drum-banging endeth. G

DTRA x Sideburn Johnny Lewis Day: Tomorrow

Johnny has landed.

Spectators are welcome to watch the riding and chat with the DTRA riders, a good idea if you're thinking of getting involved either as a racer or volunteer for the DTRA.
Riding from 10.30 to 3.30pm.

There are a few standing places for people to watch the presentation and Q&A with this top US flat tracker (Ducati team rider, Troy Bayliss team-mate, former Supermoto champ, Daytona Short Track GNC winner) in the Adrian Flux Arena bar from 7pm. £5 entry. G

Falling Bricks

"Mummy, why did Daddy just say 'Falling Bricks'?"
I was in my home office early this morning, foul-mouthing a magazine that had just aggravated me due to a mis-managed financial agreement.
"*uck*** P*****!" is what I actually said. Luckily my seven-year-old's delicate ears didn't pick that up. My wife was in hysterics. BP
Random photo courtesy of Google images.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

M3 Racing RS750

M3 Racing are competing historic Honda RS750s in the AMA GNC. See more at M3 Racing Facebook. G

250 London Range Launched

Sideburn supporter 250 London have launched their own MX clothing range. This is the story in their own words.

250London is the brainchild of menswear designer, Adam Waite. An ex-Motocross racer, Adam also owns a successful London based Menswear store, and has had a passion for Motocross since he was a kid, when he used to ride his bike around the Welsh countryside. He's always been inspired by the good old days of Nylon and Malcolm Smith and JT Racing, the scream of the 2 stroke engines and the smell of the pre-mix fuel. A time when the clothes were fitted, colours were vibrant neons and pinks, bright blues and oranges, men had mullets, trucker caps and oodles of facial hair! 

With 250London, Adam is curating a cool selection of Vintage style Motocross accessories and wares. The main objective, alongside this, was to recreate the original race gear of the 70's & 80's! Think Nylon and Airtex jerseys, using the brave and bold colours of those decades, all under the 250London brand. 

For those old guys, ex racers, and style-conscious riders, who want 'the look' without having to buy second hand kit on auction sites, we've now produced our own collection, as an alternative and something a bit more unique. 

Have a look on the 250 London STORE at our brand new range of 250London Race Tops + Pants as well as Tee Shirts and Caps.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sideburn 18 Unearthed

This issue sold out remarkably quickly (something to do with Guy Martin shot by Sam Christmas being on the cover?).
I've just found two in the bottom of a box of something else.
They might be very, very slightly warehouse worn, but I can't spot anything wrong with them.

Go to to order if you want one. £5 plus post. G